Our fees policy

As we are concerned to offer a service tailored to your needs in terms of quality and costs, we attach particular importance to the transparency of our fees, whether calculated on the basis of time spent, or on a fixed price basis. The principle is to reflect as closely as possible the value represented by our services to our clients in each particular case, so ensuring that we deliver value for money.

When our fees cannot be precisely determined at the outset of our involvement, we undertake to keep you informed of the foreseeable evolution of our fees as and when the case progresses.

Fees for time spent

The principle is to charge for our services on the basis of the time we spend dealing with your case. This is the most usual way of calculating fees, as it allows them to reflect a certain number of objective factors, such as the degree of complexity of the case, the number of tasks to be carried out, the ease of access to information on the case, time spent on research and the nature of the “deliverable”, which may be a letter setting out an opinion, and/or a meeting or slides etc.

The principle of calculating time spent does not necessarily exclude the possibility of offering you an indicative estimate of fees based on the information and documents provided to us, or of agreeing to a budgetary envelope on the basis of determined tasks. Subscriptions are one of a variety of ways of applying the time-spent approach to fees.

Fixed price fees

In some circumstances, when it appears that the measure of time spent would not reflect the true value of our services in the view of our clients, the fees may take the form of a fixed price.

The fixed price fee may include a variable element established with reference to the expected outcome of our work – for example, in relation to court proceedings of which the outcome is uncertain.